Poetry: the portal of love

{ for my mom }

By Monica C. Voskamp



You see me different.

I’m a little odd,

A little out of place,

Different, than the rest of the bunch.


I’m different, not wrong

You say.

You don’t hinder my growth

Because you see my unique beauty.

You see my own beauty.

You tell me I’m beautiful

And I believe you.

You tell me I’m loved

And I believe you.

Because I hear the way

You see me.

You see me through the portal

Of love.


You see me,

As me.

Not how I should be,

Not how I would be.

You see me as who I am right now,

You see me.


You don’t expect me

To be anything, anyone else.

You don’t judge.

No you smile, you welcome me.

You love.


Thank you mom,

For opening my heart,

To what is obscure to me.

God knows how much,

You’ve been trying from my day one.

What an angelic warrior,

You sure don’t give up.


You’re teaching me,

You’re showing me,

You’re opening the portal for me,

The portal of love.


*Photo credit: Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Always believe. Always hope. Always love. ❤

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