Poetry: Pointed North

*When your soul is given a seed of hope, something starts to grow right away.*


By Monica C. Voskamp


It’s been dark down here.

Pitch dark.

I’ve been longing for the light.

Hoping with everything I got left

Light even exists.

Hoping with desperation,

But every day I’ve ceased to find it’s existence

Has pushed me further and further

Into hopeless dark.


I didn’t want to accept light may not exist.

I can’t accept that,

That pure hopelessness.

But the more I searched

The more I came up empty handed.

Despair enveloped me.

It was almost suffocating.

It was frightening.

It was destroying me.


Emptiness has been

My way of life.

It’s been crowding out the light

Soul light.


My soul’s been yearning

Yearning for the oxygen of truth,

For a world that doesn’t contradict.

My soul’s been yearning

Yearning yet never,

Never finding.


It’s been a long time down here

Here in the muddied dirt of religion

Lies, pain and confusion.


I wasn’t sure how much longer

I could face this dark.

One only has so much strength.


But a turn of events

I didn’t expect,

A wick was made a flame.

I now hold in my hands

A tiny bit of preciousness,



Relief floods me to know,

My story is not going to end

Forever alone,

Forever in the dark,

Forever down there.

My story now has

A hopeful stance.


The dark can only linger so long.

Time *will* come when I find

Another wick, and another.

Light *will* banish the horror

Of this God forsaken place.

Light will overcome all the fear,

All the demons lurking

Down here.


Light has pointed my compass

To the true north.

I’m no longer lost.

I’m no longer going in circles.

I have a path to follow,

That will lead me straight.


It’s just taking one step forward,

Day after day.


Now I believe,

I can get through.

I can find my way home.

Because my compass

Is no longer spinning out of control

It’s no longer lying and sending me

All the wrongs ways.

My compass has found

A Resting place,

The true north.


It won’t lie to me no more.

No, no more lies.

I have a light guiding me

It has my compass set,

Pointed north.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Cover Photo Credits: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash












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