Poetry: Love Keeps Holding

In these empty arms, I hold all the great love you gave to me.
You were a heaven gift
More than I even realized.

By Monica C. Voskamp
*Dedicated to my beautiful cousin who lost her sweet baby girl at 3 weeks*

I can’t hold you.

You can’t hold me.

My arms are empty.

Your arms are now in

Angel wings.


How is it one loves so deep,

Only to ache so hard.

Life crumbles down,

And time blurs into days.

Yet nothing changes

The hurting pain,

You’re no longer here with me.


You shone so beautiful baby girl.

You brought so much joy.

Your smile changed this world.

That I’m sure. That I know.

You’re forever beautiful,

And onto that I hold.


In these empty arms,

I hold all the great love

You gave to me.

You were a heaven gift

More than I even realized.


But darling,

my heart is still aching,

Because I can’t feel you here

Here with me.


Just gone. Just like that.

How can life be this short?

You came into our world,

We were so excited for you.

You don’t know little angel

How much joy you gave us

And now, how much pain we feel

Because we miss you.



I ask you little darling,

Now that you are in another world,

Touch the angel’s wings.

Fly and explore all the wonders

Of your new home in heaven.

Be the sparkle of joy a million times over.

We know you will.

We are so proud of you

But our hearts ache to have you

No longer in our world.


Fly with the angels darling

Tell them how you loved me.

Tell them mommy needs you close.

Daddy does too. We all do.

Your sister seems to know

Just right where you are.

For she is shining like you were still here.

I think one of your angels hugged her close.

It’s like she was assured and told not to worry,

You’re okay.


Darling, please tell the angels,

We miss you and need their help.

We can’t do this alone.

Whisper into angel ears,

As you fly with them tonight.

Tell Mommy it’s okay to cry.

To miss you so much.

Because love does things like that.

When you love someone so big,

You also hurt so deep.


Remind me little angel,

My darling with new wings,

Remind me no matter what,

Love will always be.

Love will always be

Both visible and not seen,

Love will always keep holding

Both you and me.

Always believe. Always hope. Always love. ❤

*Cover Photo Credit: Photo by 小胖 车 on Unsplash

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