Poetry: Redeem

By Monica C. Voskamp



Redeem what is so wrong

Redeem what now

Is not.



Redeem what’s beyond my powers

Redeem my story,



I need a lifeline

I need a Saviour

I need a hope

In times I see none.


I need you more than I’ve ever

Wished to admit

I need your powers of redemption,



Bridges I’ve burned

Clocks I can’t rewind

Mistakes I’ve made

Memories I can’t erase.


These are on me

These are my now

These are where I need

Redemption now.


I’m only human

Please remember,

I’m not supernatural

I’m not the Divine.


I know I can do a lot

Much more than I’ve ever



But there are some things

Beyond my capabilities.

There are somethings

Beyond the realms of my



These things are for You

For You to take, to redeem

To beautify, to heal

To restore.


It’s a mess, I know

Because human hands

Seem to be very capable

Of that.


But You don’t scoff

You don’t sigh

You don’t refrain

Rather you listen.


You tell me this:

It is your joy to redeem

It is your pleasure to step in

It is for you to do

What I can not.


So redeem

For I have not the strength

I have not the capacity

I don’t even have the equation

To morph an ending

Into a new beginning.



Do not wait too long

In this heartbreak.



Let it be sooner

Than not.


I’m sending prayers

Past the gates of time,

I’m sending voiceless words

Into the realms of You.


I’m asking the gift

The Christmas miracle

To redeem what is

My impossible.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by amir arefi on Unsplash

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