Poetry: Crystals of Beauty

By Monica C. Voskamp


Love is not selfish

Love is not selfish darling

Love is a gift

A Gift that gives.


Love is not selfish

Imprisoned pain is selfish

It wants to protect you

So badly So desperately

That it’s death grip hold

Clenches loves life out.


I’m not saying

It doesn’t hurt

I’m not saying

It isn’t fair

But I’m telling you

I’m reminding you

Love is greater than pain.


Hold onto what will

Move you forward

Not onto that which

Holds you stuck

Hold onto love my darling.



Love is not selfish

You should know that by now.

Love is not selfish

Darling it wants your best!


Let go a little hurt today

And give a little love.

The more you give

The more you live

Because love is

The catalyst not pain.


Pain is your friend to guide you

But can also be the enemy

To blind you

Let pain show you this

Love is not selfish

Bitter pain is.


Take your pain

Get creative

Take your pain

And write a new anthem

Don’t repeat history

Do something new!


Rewrite the lines of beauty

Not the fame, skin or wealth

Rewrite beauty true as she is

Love is not selfish.


Loves lives and gives

Love is the author to transform

All those blood drops of pain

Into crystal diamonds of love.


Love is not selfish darling.

Release your pain

Wear your diamonds

Crystals of beauty,



Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@entradaphotography

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