Poetry: Afraid of Love

By Monica C. Voskamp


So afraid

Afraid to trust

Afraid the girl inside me

Will be betrayed once more

Afraid the woman I travel inside

Will be discarded, kicked out the door

Afraid so afraid to let anyone dare

Dare come into this haven place

This vulnerable fragile soul

Afraid so afraid to trust

Trust one more time

Afraid of love.


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@bogs

2 thoughts on “Poetry: Afraid of Love

  1. Love, fear, love again & fear again. Back & forth. That proves humanity is not steady. Faith is easily shakened. It’s an irony. We call on religion to assist us in reverberating the trust in God because we forget easily. Reversing the psychology that God remembers us at all times less we forget Him. That is how weak & a joke we are. Happy New Year!

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