The Story of Wind & Flame.

By Monica C. Voskamp

“Do not lie

Do not betray me,

Said the fire to the wind

As he merged forces with her.

I will never.

I will always move

With thee,

I will never blow

Thee out.

Promised beautiful Wind.

Fire glowed.

His warmth blazed around her

A strong steady brilliant flame.

Wind succumbed to his charm

She was his promised power forever.

Years past

Wind kept her promise

She stayed faithfully

She protected him

From every threat

That dared try drown out

The great flame of the world.

Till one day.

One day Wind opened her eyes.

She saw more than the

Orange memzering flames.

She felt more than the

Beautiful warmth of his strength.

She heard the cries of another

The children of Earth

Begging for mercy,

Longing for hope

Pleading for justice.

Wind realized she had

Stayed the faithful breeze

While fire strayed, swept the earth

With his power lust & greed.

Fire was out of control

He raged.

He destroyed.

He glorified only himself.

Wind was the loyal kind,

Not one to betray.

But Earth was suffering,

Weeping black ashes every day.

Wind couldn’t look the other way.

Though heart had pledged to loyalty,

Wind had also vowed to uphold

Love, justice, integrity, and mercy.

The innocence of Earth

Cried out desperately, like a hurting child

Wind could not deny Earth’s pain

And she could not neglect

When it was in her ability to help.

Wind saw the brutal damage

Fire had made every inch of the map.

Wind wept bitter tears

Her love was no longer on the same page.

Her sweet love had turned from good

To only greed and power

He was now known a destructive terror.

Earth’s living nightmare horror.

Wind’s heart screamed

As she turned on her love

She turned on him full,

And broke her loyalty vow.

Summoning every breathe

She struck him in one fatal blow.

And just like that

Fire’s blaze was no more.

Only dying embers remained.

Only ashes played tears

On Wind’s face.

Her heart ached every day

At the vow she broke

With her first and last

Her only love,

Her heartbreak flame.

But Wind finds hope

As she watches child Earth.

As she watches joy unfolding.

Earth is flourishing

Earth is healing.

Earth is rebuilding.

Wind retells her story of love & pain.

She tells of his greed. his mistakes.

She tells of her naive. her regrets.

But she always tells child Earth,

The story has the most beautiful ending

For out of the pain of her sacrifice

Came a story of hope & rebirth

The story of how Wind & Flame

Created a new & better,

Planet Earth.

Always hope. Always belive. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Denys Argyriou on Unsplash

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