Poetry Story: All She Could See

By Monica C. Voskamp

All she could see was the dark.

Everywhere she looked was masked

With thick oozing blood of black.

Nothing was as she wished it could be.

She pushed hard her hands against 

The thick wall of pitch black dark

Her hands probed but felt nothing

Nothing but heavy air.

Disappointed by not deterred

She forced wide an opening hole

And called out loud just to find

Nothing there but silence bare.

She winced to push her body through

Her self made portal of eerie black.

She tapped the channel of inner pain

Her energy to guide the way.

She felt herself tumble then hurl

Free fall to an unseen realm below.

For years and years all she did was fall

Spiralling in loneliness and sorrow.

Finally she landed on a hard platform

The air was thick with her own pain.

Despair the only oxygen she gulped in

Hopelessness daily fed her veins.

Desperation and bitter fierce screams

She filled the chamber with agony tears.

She whispered a death mercy prayer

Nothing more left to give.

And that’s when her spirit felt,

A strange presence alert her mind,

Don’t give up strong warrior

Hope is still found down here.”
She hung onto that breathe of life

With new energy flushing her veins.

She welcomed it’s warmth to penetrate

Feeling a strength vibrate her hands.

Her fingers unfolded beams of light

Their power crumbling layers of dark.

All she could see for light years ahead

Was her own beautiful stars.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

Photo Credit: Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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