Poetry: The Contention

By Monica C. Voskamp

You can’t erase

All that pain.

You can’t magically

Replace the hurt.

You can’t undo

Anything that is past.

You can’t.

And that you can’t

Makes you feel


Powerless, the power

You’ve known so well.

You can’t change

All that was done.

You can’t rewind

And recreate.

You can’t

And that is what

Tears your soul

Every day.

You can’t change

Every mistake

You can’t and

This is the battle which

You must contend:

You can’t.

When you realize you can’t,

When you realize this fact

Can be flipped like a coin,

You see the other half

You see the other truth.

You realize you also


Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Poetry: The Contention

  1. We can be powerless
    somethings we can’t
    as everybody else
    thinking of us like this
    make us feel being less
    the truth is we are not
    and the other half to see
    is we can do a lot
    despite we aren’t flawless.
    Knowing that you can
    leads you to a good route
    You have done great
    that you have found it out.

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