Poetry: Write Your Page

By Monica C. Voskamp

I turned the page and found

Blank white with no scribbles.

There were no mistakes.

No scratched out lines.

No misspellings.

I savoured the moment,

So freshly untainted.

But within a few minutes

I blurbed splotches of ink.

I didn’t cringe.

I didn’t cry.

I simply acknowledged and moved on.

I look at blank pages today

With less judgement and more grace

I hold room for myself and mistakes

With freedom to learn and grow

At my own pace.

Life isn’t meant to be

The perfect fairytale story no,

Life is quite the tangled opposite

As most of us from experience know.

But no matter the harshness

There is still the magic

There is still the sacred

Written on every page.

The moment you see it

You live a little different.

You live with more grace.

So go write your pages

You’ll find the magic overlaps

In every single day.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Tatiana on Unsplash

Short Story: Her New Sunrise

By Monica C. Voskamp

The sun was rising up slow. The smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the kitchen.

Lana stood at the living room watching the first rays of colour create a canvas of beauty in her backyard. Lana breathed in the serenity of the moment and exhaled slow.  “It’s going to be a beautiful day,” she murmured as she turned and walked over to the kitchen.

She tilted on her toes and reached for the top cupboard shelf her hands finding her favourite mug set. It was a simple turquoise blue with a rim of white. Nothing fancy, but the colour always reminded her of memories by ocean waters and happy memories a lifetime ago. Lana sighed blissfully as a image of her laughing by the oceans side with her best friend. The image flickered away Lana poured the fresh coffee into her mug. She watched the deep hazelnut liquid fill her mug. In a few minutes,  Lana had frothed the milk and swirled an elegant design.

Happy birthday to me,” she whispered before taking a sip. Today was really anything but happy…life was pouring down storms of chaos lately. Unexpected sickness, lay off from work, debt creeping, the betrayal of a long time relationship…the list went on. Lana’s heart sank as she thought on the hurt and stress of life. With a new resolve, she reminded herself what she read last night. She had seen a random excerpt: The more you say ‘life is beautiful’ each day, the more likely at the end of your life you will say, ‘It was a beautiful life.’

Lana wasn’t denying the hard times. No, she had the daily blaring reminder of her illness, of the now empty house, of the mounting bills, of scrolling through potential jobs and watching time continue to tick by too fast. Life was hard right now and even so, she was choosing to stick with it. She was walking through the thick of the storm with as much class and dignity as possible. She wasn’t going to pretend it wasn’t hard, yet she wasn’t going to miss the goodness still possible in the present. 

Lana smiled as she lifted the foamy coffee to her lips. The beauty was here. In this simple moment of a java made, specially for herself. Lana was learning life was more about living, more about loving, more about savouring then waiting for the perfect, for the rainbows, for the relief of no hardships.

She was choosing to give love in anyway she could no matter how life looked. ‘Huh…this moment *is* beautiful because I choose to uncover the beauty in my now… it’s a gift I have the breath to enjoy this,‘ Lana thought. 

Lana was growing to cherish the beauty in the day instead of focusing only on the chaos and hurts of life. And, the more she realized life contained both the hardship and beauty, the more her soul found an inner peace and acceptance. Happiness wasn’t a destination, happiness was a gift she could, she would, choose.

A slow smile stretched her face as Lana turned towards the sunrise, the ball of golden had emerged over the horizon and the warm rays began to fill the living room. ‘This is my beautiful, this is my new sunrise, and this is what I celebrate,’ Lana mused.

She closed her eyes and sipped from the mug.  She loved the cool feel of the smooth stone across her lips, before the warmth of coffee. For this moment, the tensions and pressure faded and Lana felt herself centre into the newness of today. This was the beauty, choosing to smile, to enjoy,  to savour, to see hope in the midst of anything.  And because of this, Lana was discovering a new sunrise in every day.

~And this is the wonder of life. There is potential for every human to find happiness, joy, hope in the mundane, in the chaos, in the storm. There is the choice to breath any message of love to yourself over morning cups of coffee. There is the joy to discover the simplicity in the midst of complicated chaos.

Savour your new sunrise today. Savour the infinite ability you have to hope in the midst of the fiercest of odds. A new sunrise is only one thought away. ~ 💕

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash