Poetry: Maybe It’s Because

By Monica C. Voskamp

He could taste the salty ocean

As the droplets hit his face,

He laughed as he watched her

Shake loose her golden locks

Of ocean wet.

The sun was hot and shone

Fierce rays of mid afternoon

Yet nothing glowed more

Than the sparkle of blue

Eyes upon him.

“You know you make me

Smile so good,” he murmured

As he pulled her body close.

The cool damp of her was

Refreshing as it touched the

Dry heat of his skin.

I know I do,” she answered

With a coy look and smile.

“And you know what else

 I know about you?”

She teased him twirling her

Fingers in his hair.

Waiting till their eyes locked,

She whispered, “I know

No matter how macho man you be

You simply melt every time

You are around me

Every single time.

What he said in return

Grabbed hold of her heart

And kissed the very centre

Of her hungry aching soul,

Well maybe, it’s because,

I’m in love with you. ”

And that day under the sun

Marked the moment her heart

Was forever won.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Jenna Anderson on Unsplash

Poetry: Matrimonial

By Monica C. Voskamp

I’m standing at a distance.

You’re on the other side

I see the door in between.

And I hesitate to step inside.

You are patiently waiting

You are calm and certain.

Hurt many times before

Afraid to trust once more

I stand in the entry to you

Watching to see the proof.

You hold your stance strong

You keep your gaze fixed.

The allure of your heart

The beauty of your spirit

Is calling out to me.

I hear you yet I pause

I linger as I watch

The way you are

The way you speak.

The room is full of good

You’ve assured repeatedly.

I finally step into the room

And only then do I realize,

You are doing the same

Giving precious trust to me.

Standing in this room,

I see my choice is you

And you have chose me.

Skin on skin, soul to soul

We share the vulnerable,

We enter matrimonial.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤

*Photo Credit: Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Poetry: Never that Far Away

By Monica C. Voskamp

Once captured your heart
Not too long ago
Time stood still for awhile
As you watched me
March on with life.

Not one to deter
Not one to give up
But one to believe
Miracles are the thing
That come into reach
For those who dare chase
Greater dreams.

You waited with wisdom
Kept giving the cue
Till one day I saw
The someone willing
To fight for me
The someone not too far
Out of reach.

I saw the man of loyalty
Of highest bred quality
I couldn’t help but notice
The attention you gave
Was much more than coy
Flirtatious curiosity.

It took just a bit
Maybe too long for you
But when I looked your way
I saw a possibility of hope
I saw a chance to believe
Love still would reach out
And give such good to me.

Now too often I catch my mind
Drifting to thoughts of you
Wondering how on earth
We could possibly be.
Yet when I catch your eye
I still find the truth
Love is never that far away.


Always believe. Always hope. Always love. 💓

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@paulamayphotography

Poetry: Story of Us

By Monica C. Voskamp

Rolling off my tongue

So easily this sound

Letters dancing fluidly

As I murmur your name

Out loud.

Sliding across my mind

A natural flow of life

Thoughts laugh happily

As I contemplate your way

With me.

Vibrating all my inside

A kaleidoscope of hope

Colours changing constantly

As I encounter your energy


Delighting all my senses

Foreign abstract art of love

Emotions finding alignment

As I centre in the story

Of us.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. ❤️

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@thoughtcatalog

Poetry: Calling You

By Monica C. Voskamp

Through the winds

Over the hills

Past the mountain range,

Hear me calling you tonight.

I am here,

Right beside you.

Even when the winds are howling

Even when the rain is driving

Even when the fog clouds everything,

I am here calling out your name.

Hear me calling,

As you go through your day

As the busy of life tumbles time

As the miles stretch between us

Hear me calling out your name.

I am with you.

I am your calm and steady

I am the presence in your heart

That beautiful peaceful memory

That song you keep on humming

That smile playing on your face.

Come what may,

I am still here with you.

In the nighttime and every sunrise

In all these passing moments of time,

I am here, my love

Calling out your name.

Always hope. Always believe. Always love. 💕

*Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@jack_scorner